Check In Date required.

Guest information, Terms and conditions - All guests please read prior to check in

The Madsen whanau would like to warmly welcome you to Morere and hope you enjoy your stay with us. Should you have any questions, require any assistance or information during your time here please don’t hesitate to ask us and we will be happy to help.

Our requirements: Health and safety, guest experience, environmental impact and animal welfare. 

We ask that you respect these. Additional charges may apply for breaches of the rules. Unless we hear otherwise, we presume all guests have read and agree to these conditions.

  • Please keep all accommodation gates closed during your stay or sheep will damage gardens.
  • Always drive very slowly on the property for the safety of other guests and animals.
  • Vehicles to be driven on the driveway and parked in accommodation parking areas only.
  • Outdoor footwear to be removed before entering the accommodation, no exceptions.
  • No Smoking/vaping is permitted inside your accommodation.
  • We do not allow pets.
  • We have a septic tank wastewater system, we request that nothing (other than toilet paper) be flushed down the toilet, and no fats in the kitchen sink, bins used for anything else.
  • Please put any food scraps in the labelled kitchen bin, other rubbish has a second bin, glass and plastic bottles to be placed adjacent for recycling.
  • Any accidents or damage must be reported to the office at the earliest opportunity.
  • Small children must be accompanied whilst outside the fenced accommodation garden areas.
  • Please keep perishable food stuffs in the fridge or securely covered to discourage insects/vermin.
  • If un-screened windows/doors are left open insects will find their way in.
  • Do not turn off refrigerators or hot water cylinders.
  • Guests may not enter the main farm shed due to multiple hazards (as it is a workplace).
  • Please respect other guest’s quiet enjoyment of their stay by keeping noise to reasonable levels unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • If your gas supply should happen to run out please let us know and we will fix this promptly, do not touch gas bottles.

Many thanks for your cooperation in helping to keep this a great place to stay.